About Us

About Us

OPTIMAL is a Technical Facility Management and Facility Management company offering to property owners, managers and operators all the technical services and care their properties require.

OPTIMAL’s technical expertise takes its roots from a long-lasting experience in servicing properties such as hotels, offices, shopping malls, retailers, hospitals, factories, logistic platforms and public equipment across Central Europe.

Mission Statement

OPTIMAL strives to transform any outsourcing project into a long-term partnership driven by respect, trust and value creation.


Romain Andreoli, General Manager

Following graduation as a Civil Engineer from the Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Public (Paris, France), Romain Andreoli started his career in the service industry in Prague as a Cost controller. He quickly moved forward into Operations to manage large FM contracts across Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania). He is now OPTIMAL’s General Manager and owner.

OPTIMAL Engineering

OPTIMAL Engineering is our partner company delivering design and installation solutions for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, electricity and plumbing systems. For more details about OPTIMAL Engineering, please visit www.optimalcompany.com.